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Roofs in the Northwest are often exposed to constant moisture and nearby debris from trees and plants, this provides a fertile environment for unwanted growth that leads to water retention and resulting premature roof failure. 

Often neglected gutters have over filled and warped, we often repair and/or replace these as necessary.  Improperly flowing gutters result in rotted decking and supports, siding and outdoor structures. We blow out gutters and/or remove debris by hand where applicable to ensure a free-flowing problem free gutter system to safely divert water away from the home.

  • We first safely install ANSI/OSHA Mandated Roof Anchors so that we can safely rappel while working on your roof.

  • We then use a wire brush to safely remove moss, mold, and spores that are detrimental to your roof by hand.
  • We then blow off the resulting debris and blow out gutters using a backpack blower.
  • We then apply a zinc-sulfate compound to prevent moss from growing, Through experience we have found this to be the most effective way at preserving your roof.

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